Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Am I dreaming?

by Daughter

I can hardly believe it's true.  How exciting the possibility that a Democrat has won the presidency!

Me: I'm so excited, when will we know it's official?

Hubby: What do you mean "official?"

Me: You know, how long will it take to do the recount?

Hubby: What recount?

Me: You know, the recount they do when the Democrat wins!

Hubby: Are you high on crack?

Me: You know, when Gore won the election, we had to do that recount and then Bush became the president.

Hubby: We're not doing that this time.  Obama is the president.

Me: You mean no hanging chads, Supreme Court, and all that?

Hubby: Yes, you can go ahead and be happy now.

Pinch me!

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