Thursday, November 6, 2008

George Bush: The Great Uniter, Not the Divider

by Father

After almost eight years of broken promises and lies, Bush finally fulfilled one of his inaugural promises from the year 2000.  It took a landslide victory by Barack Obama and a humiliating defeat of the inane McCain to finally bring this country together.  By any standard, that looks a lot like UNITY to me.  I'm not sure that's what George had in mind, but it works for me.

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  Barack Obama must have been bone tired from a year of campaigning and a very long Election Day, but there he was, in front of 100,000 cheering, emotional supporters, giving the best speech of the entire campaign, if not the last two or three decades.  It was an emotional, memorable moment, one that we'll be reminiscing about for years, as in "Do you remember what you were doing the night Barack Obama gave that speech in Chicago after he won the Presidency?"

God, can that man give a speech.  Beautifully written, brilliantly delivered, with no animosity or anger.  How about the "presence" he brings to the stage?  And does that guy look better than just about anybody in a blue suit and red silk tie?  One can only wonder how Barack can top this with his inauguration speech on January 20.  I noticed that he didn't drop a single "g" when he was speaking on Tuesday night.  Out on the stump, he sometimes lapsed into a more casual style of talking.  The only "g" that got dropped on Tuesday night was the Big "G" in the White House.  One commentator even said "George Bush is nowhere in sight tonight."  

Bush has now become as irrelevant as yesterday's newspaper, the one with which you line the bottom of the bird cage.  The newspaper that's so covered with "doo" that it has to be put in the trash rather than the recycle bin.

Out here in California, the night was not completely joyful.  Proposition 8, which bans gay marriage in the state, won, and thus one segment of our society loses the right that the rest of us can enjoy:  "the right to happiness."  In a sad twist of irony, some experts are saying that this proposition passed because of the massive number of African American and Hispanic voters who turned out to vote for Obama.  This group of Californians may have been heavily proselytized by their socially conservative religious leaders in church.  Two groups of minorities who have for centuries suffered discrimination and intolerance may have turned against the equally long suffering gay community.  

Go figure.

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